During the last 20 years, Step2e gained lots of experience in Software Development. Due to our activities in product invention, IT training, innovative research, we had to deal with lots of concepts, tools, technologies and approaches. We believe that enterprise software development requires another software development approach than regular software and worked hard to discover the best way to build large scale software with highly efficient resource consumption and low cost including a long-term strategy. We call this approach “Stream-Development” – Strategic, Easy and Maintainable Development.

What is StrEaM

It combines best-practice concepts of several development models especially for large enterprises to achieve
– a long-term software strategy with solutions that can be enhanced and maintained for years
– a highly efficient way to develop new features for low cost
– development of features in a hands-on / agile like models
– metrics and measurements to track quality achievements in order to proove that the solution still fits your strategy
– a set of tools, cooncepts, blueprints and processes to get this done easily with almost no additional effort

Stream-Development thus provides
– long-term strategic development
– higher quality
– lower cost

StrEaM Roadmap

Step2e currently is working with this approach at many customers successfully. We are building an out-of-the-box solution, several publications and trainings within the next months. If you want to join this early stage, feel free to contact us. More information will be anounced soon.