Step2e - simply innovative

Step2e was established in 1999. The software-company got numerous awards for innovative ideas, approaches, solutions and products. In 2008 step2e was honored „for the coolest and most innovative application on the planet” with the Duke's Choice Award in San Francisco as the first German company. In the same year the company got the Best Business Award for sustainable management.

Step2e realizes new solutions, upgrades old productions to new technologies or helps you to realize your ideas reliable. Especially in the field of Java, JEE, Content-Management, Media Asset Management, real-time system, IOS and Android are our core competences.

Innovation is the crucial aspect for every modern company. Our strength is to support companies in innovations, create conceptions and realize visions and solutions. Our team of consultants, creatives, architects and developers is always one jump ahead of the others to create your and our future together. Get the profit of our innovative solutions!