IT and Innovation Consulting

Technology analysis and optimisation, reviews, concept writing, integration management and technical consulting specialized on huge development projects. Also applicable for medium and small businesses.

For years, Step2e has gained experience in consulting large scaled customers, especially in the machine-building and finance industry. Our individual approach utilizes the people, the expertise, the technologies you already have in order to form modern and future strategies. Instead of applying external processes to your business, we focus on the evolution of your existing processes and work together with your users and customers.


Our special focus is digitalisation, machine learning (including big data) and enterprise application integration.

What we offer:

  • deep understanding of current and past technologies
  • communication skills to address requirements to the IT board and management
  • technology transfer, so that you can run your own business without external consultants
  • architecture blueprints and templates
  • development of template applications for your integration demands
  • reviews, quality assurance and guidance